About Us

It all started with the search for the perfect leg warmers wear to dance and yoga. Not finding what we needed, we decided to make our own. After many requests for gorgeous items by master knitter and Creative Director Laura, mother and daughter 'La'ura  and 'Cha'none teamed up and 'Chala' came to be. 'Chala' means 'movement' in sanskrit, and we love to move by practicing yoga & dance every day. 


We create original pieces that bring cozy comfort to your movement both on and off the mat. Our designs are inspired by where we grew up- next to the rainforests of the Pacific Northwest. Our knitting family is a creative group living in Vancouver, Kelowna, Nelson and Calgary, Canada.

Wooly Love

Daryl & I are two travelers that fell in love cherry picking. We traveled around BC & Central America together. We quickly decided to have a little baby (Oakly, 15 months). We moved to Nelson, B.C. to have the baby, thinking that it was a beautiful place for a new family. Somehow Daryl took forever to find a job so we decided to put all our energy in our crochet & went at the markets every Saturday in Nelson. We met a lot of good people & created a lot of things. That was like a dream come true for me to be a "real" artisan. We are now expecting our second baby for November & also are moving to Quebec for this new adventure. ~Audrey